Extremes are enticing.

Differences can be frightening but also exciting. People who have done or do things we wouldn’t dare to do are fascinating.

Why do we like what like? Nature or nurture or both? What makes us who we are and why do we make the choices we make?

Our lives and personalities are shaped by the things which happen to us whether they are conscious desirable choices that we make or uncontrolled events which happen to us.

Sexual desires, preferences and fantasies are very personal and not something we can discuss with everyone. It is a subject I find very interesting and so I created this website to write about it. Reading through the articles and stories, you will see that the line between my real life and its fiction is very flexible. In real life I cannot make up stories about who I am or what has happened to me; here I can.

Originally, I focused on the rape fantasy because that is a very common and extreme fantasy and therefore many of the older posts in the blog have that theme. But I am just as interested in looking at any and all sexual fantasies and especially exploring the minds of the people they live in.

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(Just to be clear, I do not condone real rape, non-consensual sex, sexual harassment or any kind of physical or sexual abuse. The articles, stories and discussions on this website are fantasies and may include rough sex, forced sex, BDSM, D/s, Master/slave, bondage, simulated rape, rape role play. Not real rape.)